I replaced our pad sander about a month or so ago with a brand different that prior. I'm always particular about the power but also the wait. I don't exactly have small hands but they aren't man size hands either.

I've been doing a lot of smaller signs that we laser engrave as they seem to be pretty popular. However, it means that when I'm sanding the edges, it's a lot of picking up the weight of the sander compared to the larger signs I typically do. After a couple of days in particular, when I sanded a WHOLE bunch of small signs, I found my right thumb joints to be tender and sore.

You can see my hand doesn't fit the sander so bad...

However, when I start sanding the smaller signs, I found I was shifting my hand forward and grasping the sander with my thumb and forefinger. I really thought if I had a way of supporting the weight of the sander so I didn't have to try and grasp it with my thumb and forefinger, it would alleviate the irritation.

I took the sander to the sewing room and whipped up a band that circles the neck, adjustable and with Velcro to secure. I was debating how I would get the supporting strap across the top to fit my hand as I was afraid I would get the strap to far forward, angled or some such. I finally attached the top strap to one side of the neck band and then the other end I looped the end so it would slide on the neck band and be somewhat adjustable.

Hubbie thinks I may find the vibrations will bother my palm, so we will see. I have gloves, including ones with a padded palm. Right now I'm going to invest in some special crafting gloves that's supposed to help with hand and joint pain until my thumb recovers from the abuse!

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