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So Hubbie asked me, quite some time ago, to make a special birthday gift for a coworker that helps him out from their home office out of state. Well... I kind of got busy but since we are driving to the home office for a company Christmas dinner, I thought I would get it put together for him to give to her personally.

Instead of bringing in the big sign to the dinner, I have opted to make a "desk size" version of the sign. I'm thinking I'll put the 5x7 laser engraved version in a cute little birthday gift bag and Hubbie can give that to her inside.

We can then discretely give her the large sign out in the parking lot rather than carrying it in. The large sign is 24" tall and 16" wide in a mildly distressed maroon color with a black cross in the background.

The picture doesn't show the v-carve detail very well (or the color!), so I took this close-up picture.

I hope she likes her sign!


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