Goin' Swimming!

Well... not yet anyway. However, we are gearing up for the "lake season" around here. White County, Indiana has the Tippecanoe River which has both the Norway Dam forming Lake Shafer and the Oakdale Dam that forms Lake Freeman. With thoughts of river and lake fun, we made up some really cute sign blocks that are 3 1/2" square.

For our wholesale customers, if you would like these sign blocks customized to your local lake/river, please contact us.

And of course, I might as well get in the camping/campfire mood!

Since it's a whopping 33 degrees here, I think we may have to delay a bit of this fun, but in two short days, it will be March 1st so hopefully we'll see a bit more warmth and sun to usher in spring!

Monticello, Indiana

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